Task Description Responsible/Sponsor
Maintenance news1 Operation and Maintenance news1.open-news-network.org donated by Roman Racine
Maintenance news2 Operation and Maintenance news2.open-news-network.org donated by Arnold Schiller
Maintenance news3 Operation and Maintenance news3.open-news-network.org donated by Viktor Kafke
Maintenance news4 Operation and Maintenance news4.open-news-network.org donated by Sven Röllig
Maintenance news6 Operation and Maintenance news6.open-news-network.org donated by Michael Bussmann
Contact Official Contact to outside the World, Impressum etc. Kai-Martin Knaak
Track User Registration Support User Registration, remove old and Fake-Accounts, Data privacy Protection Sascha Manns, Arnold Schiller and anyone who has too much time
LDAP-Server Operation and Maintenance of the common User Database Michael Bussmann
Web Site Operation and maintanance of http://www.open-news-network.org Jochen Wendebaum
Web Site-Layout and Content Layout, Translation and content of the ONNO-site. German and english skills needed
Mailinglist Operation and Maintenance of Common MailingList Michael Bussmann
DNS Operation and Maintanence of the Domain Name Server from open-news-network.org. Editing and Zone-Files Backup. Michael Bussmann
SVN Operation and Maintenance of a common source-code revisioning System donated by Mike Lischke
Technical coordination central overview and steering of technical aspects, including servers, Infrastructure Arnold Schiller, Michael Bussmann
User Support Support for Questions and Regarding Open-News-Network.org and Usenet via Mail and Usenet. Sascha Manns
Account Registration Verification and approval of new Users Kai-Martin Knaak, Michael Bussmann, Sascha Manns
Newsgroup Maintenance Check internal Grouplist, maintaining checkgroups, check common Lists of Participating Servers. wished, temporary done by Arnold Schiller
Abuse Management Handling of abuse notifications. Canceling articels and locking of bad user accounts. Sascha Manns and the maintainers of news1-news6
Peering Coordination Coordination of peers (existing and new once) inside and outside the ONNO wished
Script Maintenance Support and Maintenance for serval existing Scripts concerning ONNO (group List, Server availability. Knowledge in Perl, C, Python needed. wished
legal/judicial Questions Support for any Questons regrarding law, structure of ONNO, prefered for German Law needed
Public Relations Desk Presenting ONNO to the World outside Sascha Manns
Security Information Security Officer or CISO, Security Strategy within ONNO, Developemnt and Management wished
Datenschutz Datenschutzbeauftragter