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Open-News-Network (opennews for short) is a community of Usenet aficionados. Opennews' mission is to improve Usenet for everybody, free of charge. We want to restore Usenet to being a place where you can discuss with competent people about issues, not technicalities. However, we can't attain this goal on our own, because a server (or a server network) depends on its users.

For people who'd like some help outside the "big" hierarchies (or just chat a bit), opennews.* was created.

OpenNews comprises a user database which contains the access data for each user (username, password). It enables our users to post articles, logging into any server in the opennews network. This is an agreement between OpenNews and the new User. So we need your Realname and your first Emailadress. We delagate responsibility of Entering Users-Information from the Newsreader to the Userside.

The people operating the opennews servers are unpaid volunteers. The servers are subject to the jurisdiction of the place where they are physically located.

Any natural person who abides by the following terms may sign up and use opennews:

Articles posted have valid "From:", "Reply -To:" or "Sender:" headers, and the adresses are used with permission of their respective owners. If an *.invalid TLD address is used in the "From:"-header, a valid "Reply-To:" header is included.

The user does not engage in behaviour that potentially disrupts server operations. Users do not post spam; this entails e.g. not sending articles to excessively many newsgroups (EMP, ECP) and not advertising in noncommercial newsgroups (UCE).

The user abides by the laws governing their own location and that of the server.

Every user may be held liable for any article that is posted using his personal access account. Keep your password safe!

Opennews does not carry binary newsgroups.

Articles posted should not exceed 200 KBytes.

The server operators reserve the right to exclude any user from the service for no stated reason and to wholly or partially discontinue the service with no prior notification.

Opennews is not liable for any articles transmitted through its servers.

We suggest observing proper netiquette (see e.g.

If you agree with these terms, you may sign up for opennews by entering your email address and your full name at: